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February 20, 2009

ego venit, ego saw, ego spammed: why property marketeers need to step up-to the plate.

Morning, just a quick note: I went to London yesterday (17th Feb 2009) to see Seth Godin. (I'm a big fan and have been following and using his wise words for a number of years now).

I thought I would share with you one important aspect of what he had to say yesterday and that was "leadership, authenticity and consistency". Now that the age of the "TV industrial complex" method of marketing is dead (2000 years since its inauguration), we have been, and are, moving into the new age of "business exposure".

Let me explain TV industrial complex. First of all, the action of the complex is this: company buys advertising space, puts an advert out to a mass market who he knows tunes in at the same time, makes money, buys more adverts …. And so the cycle continues.

However, this is what it means to you and me a.k.a. the consumer. Halfway through “Coronation Street”, we get some bloke running in our room shouting “CILIT BANG! BANG AND THE DIRT IS GONE!” and then he’s gone again. Moreover, you and I as the consumers have no choice but to watch it unless we want to go for a pee or put the kettle on. This has been going on for centuries, but on the internet we call it SPAM!


TV/Radio advertising is SPAM, we have no choice on the TV or radio … but we do on the internet (lets face it Vanessa put up a post a few weeks ago “what’s happening to loveproperty” and look at the replies she had!) … if sites or marketeers continually spam we just go to another site. Moreover, if marketeers continually spam or are inconsistent and unauthentic with their message we will go to another site or just won’t do business with them.

From what I can see most marketing treats clients as if they are dense, and more importantly the client has very little chance of learning about the product or person they are buying. They were just “battered” by advertising and then “battered” by the kicking they got afterward because they bought a bad product, or trusted someone who did not have the right qualifications in the first place!

The Church understood this (the biggest blue-chip in the world is the Catholic Church). When books were first introduced to the populace, they were written by Monks, therefore, from day one the ad break did not feature Barry Scott and “Cillit Bang” but some chap with a pious nature. The rest is history.

The Church made a following out of advertising knowing that the people who they were advertising to had very little other choice.

Then came radio. Then came TV. The method was always the same: get a bunch of people together en-mass and subscribe to their fear and greed

Even now the method is the same: $2.6m for a 30 second advert during the Super Bowl !!! But the power of that is dying… I would argue is dead, but no one wants to let it go!

Why? Because you cannot apply that method to the internet.

How do you know what web-sites people are on at any one time? If you did know, how do you know to keep them watching your ad’ … it’s not like “if they didn’t they would miss the end of “Coronation St” … is it?

Now consumers have a choice and, just as importantly, they know it.

They do want to be “sold to”. They are consumers, but now they will dictate who they buy from … because you can’t hide on the internet.

1. No longer will clients follow a leader down a dead end;
2. No longer will clients put up with "inauthentic" messages;
3. No longer will clients put up with inconsistent messages.

They don’t need to, for the first time the Client will choose which advertising he/she will be exposed to … they will decide based on what they see or find on the internet.

The internet dictates that anyone who does not measure up will fall by the wayside. Darwin was right there, evolution is taking place as I write.

So it would appear to me that, whilst we still seem to have “marketeers” using an out-dated method of marketing, we can sit happily in the knowledge that they will become extinct. Not by our hand, you understand, but by their own.

You can spot who they are by applying the three points above. It’s obvious who does not fit anymore.

My point is this: long live sites like loveproperty.org and many of the qualified forums that don't allow spam. These forums give the future consumers a chance to “weed out” the dinosaurs and choose to work with the ones that count, the ones who have delivered real results, been authentic, consistent and more importantly, have led from the front.

Thanks to Loveproperty and thanks to Seth Godin.

Nick and Seth ...
nick and seth


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Hi Nick,

Having said that, while TV channels continue to increase and the corporates have huge sums to spend on advertising, TV ads will continue and you've go to admit that some of the ads shown are actually better than the programmes!! How about the cadburys ad at the moment? It's one of those that either creases you up or annoys the hell out of you, either way cadburys brand gets talked about and stays at the forefront of peoples minds. Well, it does mine but then I'm a chocoholic!! :-)
I certainly understand what you're saying Nick and different marketing methods will suit different types of business. The internet is a fantastic additional route to market and with multiple marketing options available through it, there is now surely a marketing method to suit every type of business.
I've still a lot to learn about all this marketing stuff but what I have figured so far is that measuring and testing is paramount to finding what type of marketing best suits a particular business and with the arrival of web 2.0 and beyond, marketing can be a lot more subtle, friendlier and interactive than it has ever been.
Thanks for the blog Nick, informative as always, keep 'em coming and I'll keep learning.
See you soon,

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