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March 13, 2009

Video Burst: Record your own video for your web-site and social media platforms.

Successful implementation of "social media" is the interaction between people on the web using technology as a conduit.

One of the best tools at your disposal for this is video.

Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool to spread your message globally. It can be used in many different scenarios to:

Engage your customers (more than the written word)
Connect with them at a deeper level
Create interest in your products and services
Make you stand out from the crowd
Gain credibility in your field of expertise
Personalise and give personality to your marketing messages
Help build your personal brand on-line.

Some instances where we have used video very successfully ourselves:

Intro video to our ecademy profile
Video “postcards” on particular subjects
Video “breaking news” bursts Embedded into email broadcasts/newletters
Personal intro message on our website
Video press release (which can be distributed via various platforms).
Part of our social media campaigns

Very often, the same video can be used on a number of different platforms to increase visibility, awareness, and give more personal and engaging content to your marketing efforts, which in turn helps build your personal brand on-line.

People are choosing how they receive information, and the long sales letter with red writing, capitals, and highlighted text is becoming defunct. What can be more powerful than people actually being able to see you speaking? They connect with you on a much deeper level through observing your appearance, the way you speak, your body language, the value you give through your presentation and the way you present your opportunity. A video with a high production value can give you instant credibility and speaks volumes about you as a professional in your chosen field of expertise. You can share your passion easily and naturally through a video message.

However, a lot of people shy away from using video because they believe it is expensive, complicated, or they don’t understand how to produce a good quality video.

Introducing Video Burst: the cost-effective and easy way to create a quality video message for your business.

Being from a TV background, (Vanessa as a Producer/Director and Nick as a BBC trained cameraman), we recognised the importance of creating a quality video. Posting a “home movie” style video on YouTube simply doesn’t cut it in our book.

The idea was inspired from when we had the privilege of working with Madonna. A few years ago, Vanessa was asked to produce and direct a “Video Junket” for the launch of Madonna’s new children’s book. This involved Vanessa setting up and directing a camera to record interviews with Madonna by international journalists. Each journalist used the same camera set up and was allocated a half hour slot to interview Madonna. This was an efficient and cost-effective way for everyone to get time with Madonna and it also allowed Madonna’s management to ensure the quality of the pictures and sound that were being recorded. They were in essence managing her “TV brand” and great emphasis was placed on the lighting to ensure that Madonna looked her best.

This is the same format we will be adopting for our “Video Burst” recordings.

We invite you to book a slot to record your video message, whatever you choose that to be.

You will have ten minutes “media coaching” beforehand with Vanessa to help you present your video to the best possible standard. Vanessa was a TV Presenter for eight years on MTV, and also a media coach for such artists as Ricky Martin and Dido, and she will share her tips with you gleaned from that experience to help you present your video to the best of your ability.

You will then have camera time with Nick to record your video message. This will be filmed in HD and widescreen with professional quality lighting and audio.

Following the recording of your “Video Burst”, you will be emailed a file of your video and an embed code, to embed it into websites, blogs etc.

All you need to do is book your “Video Burst”, then your time slot, prepare your message, and then turn up on the day to record it.

Introductory offer:

The cost for a 5 minute Video Burst is ONLY £99.00 ex VAT.

You will end up with a video that is shot in HD widescreen using professional lighting and wireless sound.

You can book more than one slot if you want to record additional messages. For instance, you could record a series of video blogs to broadcast.

The benefits of using our “Video Burst” are:

You use our professional equipment.
You get to record a broadcast quality video at an inexpensive price.
You end up with a video that you can use again and again.

Our next "Video Burst" recording day is Friday 27th March at the Holiday Inn, Guildford, Click here for a MAP

Book your “Video Burst” now! ONLY £99.00 ex VAT On purchase you will receive an e-book on what to do next, and how to use your video effectively.

Any questions? Contact Nick on 07918 684602 or e-mail Nick at nicktadd@mac.com Click here to book or read more ...


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