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March 23, 2010

Cognitive bias and chronological snobbery have a lot to answer for on the web.

I've worked it out.

Cognitive bias and chronological snobbery have a lot to answer for on the web.


Or is it just plain old fear? Fear that there is change, fear that there isn't change, or fear that you just don't know.

Fear is a powerful thing. It's also a marketer's dream. Fear will have you booking on courses.  Fear will have you investing your "hard earned $$$$" in "get rich quick" schemes.  Fear will also allow yourself to believe in "experts" and "secrets".

Fear loves the crowd as the crowd feeds fear.  Your eyes see people "jumping on the bandwagon" and this creates fear, fear that you are missing out. You are told "book quickly, places going fast" and you reach for your credit card.  Fear is very blinding.

But now we have a solution.

This solution is so powerful that fear fears it, marketeers fear it, experts fear it, get rich quick schemes fear it - they fear it a great deal. This solution is so powerful that it has certain people in most communities quaking in their boots.  And with good reason.

This solution has politicians shaking and corporates too. It is making a mockery of "spin". It laughs in the face of "control". It mocks the "shiny suited salesmen" that are pictured sitting on Ferraris and Bentleys.


This solution is the solution to fear.

This solution allows you to go on courses. It also allows you to make investment decisions with peace.  It allows you to make decisions that are based on products and services that deliver tangible results in practice, not just in theory. It allows you to grow in thought process, it allows you to help and reach out, it allows you to be better.

And the solution is ....


The web can not only find "the solution",  it can also help you do your due diligence. Has the person you are putting your trust with been through the pain of learning, or do they just have a cognitive bias? Or are they just a chronological snob that dares to stare down at you because they might think of themselves as "advanced".?  The web will tell you.

The social web is an asset.  It's not revolution:  merely evolution and for you it could be priceless.

But it must be used to "dig" not just "find".


A cognitive bias is the human tendency to draw incorrect conclusions in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence.

Chronological snobbery, a term coined by friends C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield, is a logical argument (and usually when thus termed, considered an outright fallacy) describing the erroneous argument that the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is inherently inferior when compared to that of the present.

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