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April 24, 2010

Social media metrics for the Africa Gathering, Washington - #agdc #omidyar

The Africa Gathering - Washington DC 23-4-10

OK so here's some metrics from last night 23-4-10 between 6pm-9.30pm (Washington DC).

There are some very "deep" metrics I can draw from, but to keep it simple the pics below should illustrate the good effort from all the participant/s last night.

At one point we we're approaching 200k media impressions - that's brilliant. Now those impressions are there in perpetuity, they can be found and that, in turn, will give connected-ness - the vital link in all this.

We're seeing connections coming from Africa and around the world joining in the conversation, but we need to see more.

The reason we're seeing this increase is due to your effort/s last night - your voice is being heard, your message is been engaged - connections now have a chance of happening.

Lets have another good day today.

And for all of you reading this that are not part of The Africa Gathering, you can help. You can help us raise the bar by sharing all the tweets and blogs and v-logs coming out of Washington today.

Thank you.


Map overlay 23-4-10

Demographics 23-4-10

Share of voice 23-4-10

Share of voice 2 23-4-10

Regards N          


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