January 04, 2010



This was written in 2006. (I've amended when needed). It's, as we speak, April 2009 - Fascinating times.

"OK heres how it is, or has been, shall I say.

Public school from ‘80 - ‘85...got loads of a-levels, o-levels and all that.

From 85 - 89 I went to 3 different colleges in the arts and design field and came out with a bunch of qualifications.

During that time (85 - 89) and much to the annoyance of my parents and teachers, I discovered
surfing. So as you can imagine most of my time was at the beach, however, it wasn’t that much of a waste because I started to get work designing graphics for a local surfboard shaper. This led onto
doing artwork for a big windsurf manufacturing company which, in turn, led onto designing the
branding for jet ski/windsurf teams, life was looking good and I was enjoying it.....At this point in time it was the end of the 80`s and if you will forgive me for saying, the "arse" fell out of the economics of the country. Things were on a decline, money stopped going to frivolous ventures such as having fun and my work declined rapidly to match...oop`s.

The 90`s emerged and not being one to give up I started touting my skills to the automotive industry and within a short time I was designing the branding for various racing teams and manufactures within the motorsport industry. Clearly I was enjoying life again, surrounded by racing cars and traveling the motorsport circut’s is a fantastic job whichever you flip it on it`s head. Alfa Romeo, Ford Motorsport, Nissan, Toyota (touring cars, F3000, GT cars, Drag cars, Rally cars etc) we even did stuff for F1...which was a feat of it`s own right!

‘99 brought that to an end, I was made redundant and for all of you out there that have not been made redundant...you just wait...on a serious note, I hope it never happens to you. One thing it did for me was I realised that there is no such thing as job security anymore...and that hurt. At this point I'm 34 I have been working in the arty side of work all my life and I was struggling to get any more.

For things to change, I was going to have to change myself.

I floundered around doing odds and sods for a while when I met my wonderful wife Vanessa (Vanessa Warwick of MTV`s Headbanger’s Ball fame, the longest running show on MTV Europe) she was working in the TV industry as a music video director. It was love at first sight...She must have taken pity on me!!

However, she did have a good idea, remembering that I have been an enthusiastic stills photographer most of my life She said, “why don`t you become a video cameraman, Nick, you`d be good at that?”. So I did, I went for some training and was in work straight away. For he first 9 months I became Dido`s (UK singer/songwriter) video-ographer, I’ve worked with a whole host of singers from Pavarotti to Motorhead. For all of you reading this who are thinking..ooh music industry, that sounds good fun..it is, however, it`s still only a job and all I was doing was making someone else wealthy!

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Being as though cameramen tend to have a lot of spare time on their hands. as I did, I started to gain an interest in property. That was 3 years ago (2003) and a lot has happened since then.

I have now given up camera work completely (apart from the enthusiastic amateur bit), I now own quite a sizeable property collection with a comfortable cushion of equity in it and more importantly a good Positive Cash-Flow (after all it is a business and you should get paid). Other than being a Landlord I have done my bit, touring the UK as a “property speaker”, trying to assist the UK population with their investment career or at least put them on the right tracks. My property website - 4wallsandaceiling.com - takes over from that now. IMHO The sad thing is there are so many people out there who have wanted to get involved in property but have been sold a dream at vast expense by idiot third party companies who’s sole agenda is making themselves rich... it’s not right. However, it’s my belief that there is a way with the correct guidance.

I suppose what makes me different, apart from the haircut, is my attitude. I believe all is possible and all problems can be fixed as long as you go for deferred gratification not instant.... more importantly stop believing in these third party idiot companies and do what suits you not them.

I`m 40 this week and although I still feel like the brash, head strong and anarchic individual that I was during my 20`s, life is still fun..which is how it should be... you can smile and make money!"

It's now April 2009 and we're in another financial slump. However, all is not lost.

Since the time I wrote the above until now I have "bought back time" (via the properties giving me an income), and what I have done with that is concentrate on the web. (Morbid fascination).

I think that was time well spent.

Suddenly we have a phenomena called "social media", which has emerged - which, by default, is what I've been "playing with" for the last few years.

It's going to be an interesting few years, and if you watch a 24 year old now, copy what they do!

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