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February 12, 2009

Seth’s coming to London...Next Week !

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I'm going, get your tickets and I'll see you there ...

Seth’s coming to London...Next Week !


We thought you might have a few questions to ask about next weeks event.  Hopefully we've answered them here !

What time does the venue open ?

12:30 Foyer -  ( Not Before )To get you out of the cold. Brrr !

13:00 Auditorium- To get your seat !

Remind me what time The London Session Starts.

13:30 sharp ! It finishes at 16:30 on the dot.

I've forgotten where the venue is.

It's the Church House Conference Centre, Deans Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ . Their website with lots of directions is HERE.

HINT :  Deans Yard is accessed via a small archway with a security cabin and a gate. This is located on Victoria St.  When looking at the archway Westminster Abbey should be on your left !

Go through the archway into Dean's Yard and head towards the large building facing you at the end of the yard - this is Church House.

What's the nearest Tube ?

Westminster or St James Park ( District, Circle and Jubilee Lines )

I want to meet other people who are going to the event.

There is a Facebook group called Seth Godin - The London Session - There is a Linkein Group - Seth Godin Triiibes.com - There is a Twitter hash code - #Sethldn ( That lot should keep you busy till Tuesday ! )

The Evil Genius Media + Events team didn't answer my question here.

Then either send us an e mail by clicking on the link below or if it's too late for that then call the event organiser -  Mark Muggeridge on 07792 66 11 36. 

February 05, 2009

Change is inevitable growth is optional ...

charles darwinCharles Darwin: 1809 - 1882

I was tinkering on the computer last night, when, thanks to the joys of Facebook, an old friend from the music industry, who I hadn’t spoken to for ages, popped up on the instant messaging asking how I was doing.

It was great to catch up with her after so long, but it quickly became apparent that her life had changed dramatically. She told me that she had recently taken voluntary redundancy from her long-term job in the record industry. Her partner was also about to be made redundant from the computer games industry.

Far from being depressed, my friend saw this as a wonderful opportunity to welcome this change with open arms, and to challenge herself and reinvent herself. “I’m finally writing that novel that I’ve had trapped inside me all these years” she told me. I can see the smile on her face as she wrote that.

It takes a lot of courage to let go of the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer relevant. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, and, in embracing change, there is tremendous power.

When you have real passion for something, and your drive to learn is ignited, there is no limit to what you can achieve either on a personal level or in business.

Your creativity sparks.

Attending various networking events and via Ecademy, we are constantly meeting corporate refugees who are struggling to come to terms with this grave new world.

It seems people, society, technology, economies, business and even the weather are all changing rapidly making these exciting times! If you can embrace these changes and implement them, anything is possible.

As Eric Hoffer once said, “In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”.

When it comes to dealing with change, unleashing your creativity is one of your greatest weapons, but it has to have a receptive audience.

If everyone around you is sure the economy is failing, that the end is near, that time is up and the country is headed for the tubes, it's almost impossible to find a way forwards.

Creativity changes the game, whatever game is being played. "We're going to run out of cash by the end of the year," is accurate unless you count creativity into the equation. Then the accurate statement is, "Under the current rules and assumptions, we're going to run out of cash..." Big difference.

In describing today's accelerating changes, the media fire blips of unrelated information at us. Experts bury us under mountains of narrowly specialized and often contradictory statistics. Popular forecasters present lists of unrelated trends, without any model to show us their interconnections or the forces likely to reverse them. As a result, change itself comes to be seen as anarchic, even lunatic, something to be frightened of. Like the “rabbit in the headlights” mechanism, people freeze in fear and do nothing.

In these challenging times, change is inevitable, growth is optional.

Hence the importance of networking to get the truth. Connect with the people at the forefront of change in your industry or arena. Learn from them.

You might think “now is not a good time to get involved in property” until you count creativity into the equation and change your strategies accordingly.

Creativity demands exposure to market needs, and insulation from market fears. Give it some time to work, some support, some breathing room. That's when creativity has a chance to change the game.

As it is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, it seems appropriate to end with one of his famous and enduring quotations:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

Are you going to be a dinosaur in this grave new world, or are you going to adapt and evolve to survive?

Register here for this weekends networking event ...


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January 26, 2009

The importance of understanding contribution currency in 2009 ...


We went to an ecademy event in London last Thursday, and got massive value from it, so thought I would write a brief report*.

*Please note, I have no affiliate links or commission payments for new members to ecademy - its free to join anyway. I am just sharing in the spirit of reciprocity.

There were approx. 200 business owners there. The mood was very bouyant and positive with everyone I spoke to. The general opinion was that "this is what we have been waiting for" in terms of opportunity. WIth looming mass unemployment and the demise of those with a "serf" mentality (seeking a pay cheque at the end of each month), now is the time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish.

Ecademy founder, Penny Power, gave a very inspiring speech about how business is changing, and moving on-line. She talked about how businesses and individuals will be judged in future on their "contribution currency" - in other words, how much value they add to other people's businesses, and their track record of doing so. The internet is making everything far more transparent.

On one hand, black hat tactics, scams, deceit and misdirection are far easier than ever to imagine and to scale. There are certainly people quietly banking millions as they lie and cheat their way forwards.

On the other hand, there's far bigger growth associated with transparency. When your Facebook profile shows years of real connections and outreach and help for your friends, it's a lot more likely you'll get that great job.

When your customer service policies delight rather than enrage, word of mouth more than pays your costs. When past investors blog about how successful and ethical you were, it's a lot easier to attract new investors.

The Net enlarges the public sphere and shrinks the private one. And black hats require the private sphere to exist and thrive. More light = more success for the ethical players.

In a competitive world, then, one with increasing light, the way to win is not to shave more corners or hide more behavior, because you're going against the grain, fighting the tide of increasing light. In fact, the opposite is true. Individuals and organizations that can compete on generosity and fairness repeatedly defeat those that only do it grudgingly.

Business networking can help increase your on-line profile and visibility, and therefore create trust.

It costs you nothing more than your time.

People can write testimonials for your services and you can start to build up an on-line profile of being an ethical trader. I believe that this is something that will become increasingly important in the years to come, so it is something you might like to consider, if you are not already doing it.

'The main speaker was Nigel Risner who gave an inspiring talk about setting goals and sticking to them. I really enjoyed his presentation - no "ra ra" - just really strong and challenging ideas of how to challenge yourself and your business on a daily basis. One of the most powerful things I got from this is something that we have been doing since the beginning of our portfolio but never (until now) put it into words. And that’s understanding the importance of routine. I have rattled on in the past about how important management is over acquisition but this gave it a more permanent title ... Routine.

Buying property takes but a few weeks. However, pre and post acquisition is the routine that can last for 25 years!. But routine is dull and to keep it from being tedious is where you can bank "contribution currency". I thoroughly enjoy contributing to "the pot" and in return I get to learn more and make solid and deeper business clients and relationships.

In conclusion, I found this meeting gave me a real kick start to 2009 and I met several positive and dynamic people who will contribute to my knowledge and success.

You can connect with me on edacemy here.

If you want to know more about ecademy, we have an interview with Penny Power here.*

nick and penny 


Register here for our next event on the 8th February 2009.

November 22, 2008

Final call for this Sunday's networking event!

Just a polite reminder that the 4 Walls property investment networking event is taking place this Sunday, 23rd November at the Holiday Inn, Egerton Road, Guildford from 10.30 to 14.00.

The format is informal and fun and it is free to attend.  There is ample free parking at the hotel.  Come and expand your knowledge and refresh your enthusiasm for the property cause by meeting with other like-minded people.

To get a better idea of the benefits of networking and how to get the most from networking situations, have a look


click here for the map

New site e-mail sig The New 4walls web-site is LIVE!

We’ve also just launched the new all-singing, all-dancing, information-packed 4Walls TV website.  You can be one of the first to explore it, and contribute to our new 4Walls Interactive Forum!  Just go to www.4wallsandaceiling.com and enjoy!

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Holiday lets for cash-flow

Our investment strategy is one of low risk. We minimise our financial input into deals (wherever possible) only purchasing property (houses, not flats) with positive cash flow from the rent. If you adopt this business-like strategy, you can make money in any market, and survive even the toughest market conditions.

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See you there...


November 13, 2008

Nick is filthy stinking rich... (well 2 out of 3 ain't bad!)

Hi everyone, Nick here.

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the fast moving world of property, that's for sure. With the Bank of England base rate and LIBOR rate coming down, this is a positive sign that things are improving within the financial markets, and that liquidity - which oils the wheels of this particular market - is returning. It gives a strong indication of which way rates are moving. There's still a long way to go though and still a great deal of uncertainty. When it comes to Property 2.0, only those who adapt their strategies to reflect this brave new world will survive.

Bank of England Base Rate 3%

LIBOR rate 4.37% (as at 12/11/08)

Despite all this, we're still feeling very up-beat about property as an investment, and our property business. We've been very busy putting the finishing touches to our new website, 4 Walls TV. We've designed the website to be completely compatible with Web 2.0 and to embrace new technologies and processes. We've really had our minds blown by the possibilities!

On that note, we've received a lot of emails from people asking us exactly what Web 2.0 is, as it is a relatively new way of thinking on how to interact with the web, both in terms of business and social enterprises. Therefore, in this video broadcast, Nick explains why you NEED to know about Web 2.0 and how the power of it can enhance your (property) business.

If you have found this thought-provoking, please be under no illusion - we have only scratched the surface in this video broadcast. There is so much more you need to know to fully understand the benefits, possibilities, and potential of Web 2.0.

You therefore may be interested to attend our next property investing networking event, where Nick will be speaking on this topical subject in more depth.

The next 4wallsandaceiling.com property investment networking event will be taking place on Sunday 23rd November at the Holiday Inn, Egerton Road, Guildford from 10.30 to 14.00.

Click here - to let us know you are attending.

The theme of the event will be "Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0 to enhance your property business".

At a recent event, we did a presentation on this subject. One of our delegates, Nina Griffiths wrote afterwards:

"I feel like I have had my head buried in the sand, to pull it out and find someone shining a 2000 volt light in my eyes".

That is how people react when they understand the power of Web 2.0.

If you want to be a player in business in the years to come, we believe that you need to start now, building on-line visibility, awareness, and trust. Web 2.0 is all about transparency, trust, and reciprocity. That is why it is vital to establish your brand, your reputation, and your core values on-line NOW . You can do this by adding value, becoming an "expert", offering professional opinion, and by being recommended by others within your business and social communities! You can also align yourself with like-minded people and businesses who share your values, business philosophies and ethics.

An added benefit and by-product is that content generated by users of social media now ranks highly in search engines, because it is RELEVANT, because it has VALUE, because it is TIMELY, because it is REAL.

For marketeers - SEO is dead! We'll be elaborating on that in a future broadcast.

Web 2.0 is like dropping a pebble in a pond. Business may not occur at the point of entry, but as your "input" ripples outwards into cyberspace. It takes a dramatic shift in thinking to fully understand this. People like you, they want to get to know you, they "follow" you.

Maybe what we say resonates with you? There is no substitute for off-line interaction, so come and chat to us and other property investors at our next networking event.

We will be discussing Web 2.0 at our event on Sunday 23rd November, along with general property networking.

Click here - to let us know you are attending.

Venue: Holiday Inn, Egerton Road, Guildford.
Time: 10.30 to 14.00.
click here - for a map

To your continued success!

Kind regards,

Remember - you can never learn less!

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October 31, 2008

Welcome to Property 2.0 - Home and Away!

Dear fellow investor,

It's been a couple of weeks since my last broadcast, and things are changing so rapidly in the fast moving world of property investment at the moment, that we have to up-date our website on an almost daily basis!

Petrol prices coming down ... food prices coming down .... interest rates coming down (4.5% at the time of writing and will almost certainly drop further) ... so there are some tiny pinpricks of light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. But we still have a long way to go, here in the U.K., make no mistake. Stay tuned to www.4wallsandaceiling.com for all the latest news.

As you have no doubt realised, the world is entering a new era of property investing which means that those that want to survive these challenging times need to adapt their strategies to reflect the reality of what is happening i.e. prices falling, lack of financial products, lack of creative deal structuring etc. The old ways of investing in property are now defunct. At 4 Walls, we call this "Property 2.0" and it is the subject of today's broadcast.

When it comes to purchasing property, one of the fundamental issues that you need to be clear about is the "intrinsic value" of the property i.e. how much is it really worth? There is much talk in property, particularly in respect of NMD and BMV purchasing, of how to determine Open Market Value in the current market conditions. The reality is that it is almost unquantifiable and things are changing all the time. The latest RICS Housing Market Survey shows both a renewed deterioration in the net price balance and a further drop in the level of transactions.

Click here to read the full RICS Survey story.

So we would like to put forward the idea that the new way of determining market value (from an investor's point of view) is quite simply that the property is only worth whatever level of borrowing the achievable rent will support!

This in turn depends on mortgage product interest rates and rental stresses.

If a property pays its way with some net positive cash flow, then that will tell you if it is a good deal and you have paid a reasonable price. You need massive discounts to get anything to stack with present mortgage products. However, if you are being paid by the property every month, you won't be too concerned about house prices going up, down, or staying stagnant! Following this strategy is a far more business-like approach than hoping for a "get rich quick" pay-out from equity release. We all need to face up to the fact that there is not going to be any capital growth in the U.K. anytime soon and prices are probably going to drop further, before stabilising.

To explain this business model using the metaphor of an employee: if you had an employee on a salary of £30k but they brought in £40K net of new business, would you mind? No.

If you had an employee who was on salary was £100K, but they brought in £140K net in new business per annum, would you mind? No.

It's all just numbers, and thankfully numbers never lie.

Accurate rental comparables are now more important than OMV's in our humble opinion.

When mortgage products become more favourable, you will be sitting even more pretty.

We use a simple calculation to work out what borrowing the achievable rent will support. It goes like this:

Monthly rent x 12 divided by (product interest rate) divided by (product rental stress).

If your property has positive net cash flow from the rent, then it is a valid business proposition! In other words, if it funds its own mortgage and "running" costs, and pays you a few £££££'s above and beyond that, it is a viable deal. It's as simple as that.

You also need to put this in the context that the maximum LTV is now 75%, meaning that you are going to need to put in 25% deposits for the time being. In reality, this makes it easier to stack deals and achieve positive net cash flow.

Coming soon: 4walls TV.

As you know from our blogs, we have been spending a lot of time over in Cyprus of late, as we see far more opportunity over there in property than we do here at present. Cyprus is a wealthy island, the banks there never got involved in sub-prime lending, and lenders are cash rich. The economy and population is growing and it is the No. 1 tax haven in Europe! A very attractive package all round which will fuel business and investment.

According to the London Chambers of Commerce (who contacted us last week), Cyprus is the most popular re-location destination for businesses seeking a haven from the credit crunch! This year they have had 135,000 enquiries from individuals and businesses interested in relocating there! That tells us at 4 Walls that there is going to be a healthy demand for rental property in Cyprus in the future, in particular the Larnaca area, which is the international portal to the island, and its main business hub.

If you cannot make property investing work in the U.K., then it makes sense to look outside the U.K. Entry level deposits start from £6K in the Larnaca area of Cyprus for a one bed apartment which is significantly more affordable than anything you can find here in the U.K. Plus you have positive cash flow from holiday lets and a growing economy that will keep capital growth stable for the future.

While in Cyprus recently, we caught up with millionaire investor and international tax planning expert Jarl Moe to find out why he invests heavily in Cypriot property:

So all of the above is actually good news, but only for those investors who recognise that they need to change their strategy to reflect the current market conditions and limited availability of reasonable mortgage products. In the future, successful property investors will be those who adopt a business-like approach, build their portfolios on positive cash flow, recognise the value of education and networking, diversify their investments to minimise risk, and take a mid to long term view both here and abroad.

Welcome to Property 2.0!

Finally, we were interviewed on Love Property Radio last week. You can listen to our interview at www.loveproperty.org or on iTunes.

We currently have some Property 2.0-style cash-flow positive deals available in Poole, Dorset, Basingstoke, Hants, and in Larnaca, Cyprus. These hand-picked, limited, highly discounted deals are ones that we are investing in ourselves. We focus on quality houses in up-market areas as we believe these to be more recession-proof than cheaper areas of the U.K. If you would like further details, please get in touch.

To your continued success!

Kind regards,

Remember - you can never learn less!

P.s I have a very trustworthy collegue in ecademy that is running a seminar on how to build relationships with accountants, well worth the consideration - click here -

October 16, 2008

Mork calling Orsen, come in Orsen...

Greetings from sunny Cyprus… no intention to rub it in!

Image021_2 OK so where do we start, it would seem that whilst I have been here in Cyprus that the world has fallen apart (well that’s what the newspapers would have you believe).

Personally I think it’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong it’s a pain right now but when we get through all the turmoil the world will be a better place.

In my opinion the word recession is an anagram of “I can’t do what I was used to doing, therefore, I will be upset”. Recessions will only affect people that cannot see through them. It’s a bit like being 13 years old and getting “dumped” by your girl/boyfriend, at first your all forlorn and upset, then after a while you re-adjust and get on with life… the problem seems to disappear.

This “globalization” malarkey, lets talk about that. It would appear that it has been a problem. One country (US) causes a problem with sub-prime mortgages (What a farce that was, how can a lender lend money to someone who already admits that they will not pay them back!) and then the rest of the world suffers because they were sold “bad debt” in packages thus leading to the problem we all now face.

Some people and/or companies are having a great time at the moment and are “steaming” through “The Dip”. Take Tupperware for example, their shares are up by 40% this is a direct consequence of the financial mess the world is in… people are taking their lunch to work with them as opposed to “going down the shop”.

Quick announcement: - we have got a small get together this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Guildford. It’s going to be a small affair; I would like to invite you to come along.

Holiday Inn
Egerton rd

Click here to register.
Click here for the map.

As you know I seem to be spending a lot of time in Cyprus at the moment, there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, I have houses and Flats out here, which need attention.

Secondly, Tax… we’ll leave it at that.

Lastly and I think this is a very compelling reason, there is so much more opportunity here (CYP) than there (UK).

I was reading a book the other day and it told me some very powerful stuff. The western world, as we know it, does not need anything (in commercial terms) we have everything we could possibly need… I don’t need a new mobile phone I want one, I don’t need a new pair of shoes I want them, I don’t need a new outfit I want it… the western world does not need anything, it just wants it. Now there is nothing wrong with this, if we did not want for anything then there would be no commerce and commerce as we all know drives the economy.

However, Cyprus is still in the “need” area not the “want” area and for a country that is at the start of it’s growth cycle that is powerful… hence opportunity.

For example: - The internet here (CYP) is still viewed as a toy, much like it was in the UK 10 years ago. We in the UK, whether we like it or not, rely on the Internet, over here they don’t know they need it… it’s still in it’s infancy much like commerce in general.

Remember Cyprus, as a PLC is not in debt, has cash reserves and a rosy future with the oil, double tax treaty with the UK etc (the double tax treaty brings in foreign money and business). It will never be a global power it’s too small for that, however, much like the Tupperware analogy I see opportunity in the global chaos.

So we have a country that is at the start of it's growth cycle, it's got no debt, it has money and it needs stuff.

Can you see where I'm going with this...?

Ok well I could harp on but seeing as though we’re having a get together this weekend I’ll leave my ramblings until then.

Stay positive and keep smiling.


P.S With ref the water shortage over here in Cyprus. Yes it is a problem, but do you really think they are going to sit around and not do anything?!?!

See below…

Image023_2 Image024_2

September 30, 2008

Easy Sunday: holiday lets and more ...

What a wonderful weekend!  Not only was the weather fine but we spent it down in our holiday home in Portland (Dorset).  The beautiful weather really brought it home to us that England has much to offer the holiday maker, and, as the current trend is to holiday at home, the U.K. is no doubt going to see a renaissance in the great British seaside holiday!  For the best part of nine months now, we've been advocating holiday lets for cash flow, but make sure that you choose somewhere with year round appeal.

Chesil_beach Chesil Beach is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site stretching 18 miles along the south coast of Dorset, England from the 'Isle' of Portland in the east to Lyme Regis in the west. Fishermen familiar with the beach claim to be able to tell their location from pebble size alone.

Although we do not actually let our Portland house out as a holiday let, there are many signs that it could be a good area to buy in.  Portland itself is a stunning and unique island, and has so much more to offer than Portland Bill Lighthouse and Chesil beach, which it is mostly known for.  There are many beautiful coastal walks, birdwatching, horse-riding, not to mention all the water-sports you can do in the area.  Portland Harbour itself is brilliant for windsurfing and kite-surfing with its shallow and calm water. 

Portland is slowly but surely shaking off its naval past and gearing itself up as a top flight holiday destination.  The new and glamourous Portland Hotel and Spa is raising the accommodation bar, and new restaurants, cafes and bars are springing up all over the island to cater to many different tastes.  Being an island also means that land supply is limited.  Many areas of the island have been designated areas of scientific interest, which will further restrict building in the future. 

With Portland and Weymouth now gearing up to hold the 2012 Olympic Sailing Event, the only way is up for this "best kept secret" little isle.

Furthermore, this weekend it was announced that Weymouth has been awarded a £6m regeneration grant to give the town a face-lift and build a new relief road, again all in preparation for the Olympics.  So, if you are interested in a holiday home or let with a lot of potential, this could be a good area to look in!

Vanessa, my wife, was quoted in the "Sunday Times" this weekend on buying a second home on the coast.




Click here to read what she had to say in the "Sunday Times".

Finally, a preliminary annoucement about our next networking event:

Easy Sunday:

Coffee, Property Chat, and Networking with Vanessa and Nick at the Holiday Inn, Guildford, Sunday 19th October from 10.30 to 13.30


Due to spending most of the month of October in Cyprus, we have decided to make our October networking event a bit more informal.  Our usual monthly networking events tend to be more structured and formal with educational presentations and guest speakers, along with networking breaks.

However, October’s event will be a bit different.  Just drop by and join us at the Holiday Inn, Guildford anytime between 10.30 and 13.30 on Sunday 19th October for coffee, property chat, and networking!

This is a FREE event.

All we ask is that you register with us at registration@4wallsandaceiling.com to give us an idea of numbers so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

Everyone who registers will receive a free copy of our Top Investor Tips e-book.

Maybe you are just starting out in property and would like some questions answered, or maybe you have a problem that needs solving?  Whatever you would like to discuss about property, come along to the event, chew the cud,  and get some input or answers.

It’s fun, informal , and free!

We look forward to meeting you there.

Just register at registration@4wallsandaceiling.com and we will send you full details nearer to the time.

Date:  Sunday 19th October

Venue:  Holiday Inn, Egerton Road, Guildford (ample free parking)

Map:- Click here

Time:  10.30 to 13.30

Questions:  email nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com

September 23, 2008

Property Investing is dead... Long live property Investing

Dear Fellow Property Enthusiasts,

With the collapse of four major financial institutions last week, we are entering unchartered waters. It would be easy to get quite worn down by all this doom and gloom. Every day we're receive calls and emails from people who are feeling very down-hearted about property investing. It's interesting to take a different and more lateral view.

For our part, we would like to recommend a book called "The Dip" by Seth Godin. It is totally inspirational and explains how these challenging times can actually be an amazing period of growth and success, if you can push through "the dip" to the other side.

The Dip creates scarcity, the scarcity creates value.

The dip is where success happens.

Please click here to watch a video with a HIGH DEF option of Nick talking about "the dip" at one of our recent networking events. (Quicktime needed)

A good example of this is the price wars currently being fought by the major supermarket chains. They are cutting their prices just to get customers through the door. This creates value for the consumer. Some supermarket chains will fail, then there will be scarcity - but the ones that survive will go on to be even more successful as there is less competition. Hope that makes sense?

In other words, this whole industry, actually the entire world, is going through a massive filtering system where the weak and uncommitted give up or get filtered out. It is the end of an era of "instant gratification", "get rich quick", "taking short cuts", wanting "something for nothing", and success without putting any real effort in. It is an unprecedented time of survival of the fittest. We are in now for a bit of a slog.

Those that keep pushing through "the dip" will reap the rewards. Right now, in property, the dip is creating value for tenants as there is so much stock on the market. But the pendulum will swing the other way at some point, and then rents will start to rise. That is where the success happens for us.

I read a report today that the U.K. is now officially the most densely populated major country in Europe, and yet no new housing is being built! The supply and demand pendulum will shift at some point.

On a lighter note, when Sainsbury's reduce the price of strawberries, we don't all run around shouting "OH MY GOD, THERE'S BEEN A STRAWBERRY PRICE CRASH !! WE MUST STOP BUYING". Oh no! We go out and buy as many strawberries as we can! Every negative has a positive side if you care to look for it.

From my point of view property prices have been irrelevant, whether they be going up, down, left, right or sideway. I'm a Landlord, therefore, I wish to get paid every month.

Property prices only effect those that rely on them.

We have based our property portfolio on cash-flow (not capital growth/equity release), so in reality, house prices have very little effect on my property business because I am receiving an income month on month from the rent. It is the lack of good mortgage products that is currently the biggest problem for us, as we see bargains every day that we would love to snap up.

If people cannot buy anything, then they will be forced to rent, meaning rents will start to go up. It's a fact that every single person in this country needs a roof over their head - that will never change.

We've been asked on other forums why we "waste our time" writing these kinds of posts. I don't regard it as wasting my time. If this has made someone feel a little bit better or more confident about property, then I feel that I have contributed something to the community.

We are all entering a new and hugely exciting era in business and a big part of that will be reciprocity and trust in on-line communities. We're starting now.

For an alternative view of the "credit crunch" have a look at:

Credit Crunch view 1.

Credit crunch view 2.

and this one from Donald Trump: Click here

So our advice is to keep the faith. Get yourself along to some networking events and surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people who can help you through.

Vanessa and Nick at 4 Walls and Michelle at Property Jedi would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our property networking event on Sunday in Milton Keynes.

It was great to catch up with old friends and meet so many new property enthusiasts! We would like to acknowledge all attendees for giving up what was probably the nicest day of the year, along with the Ryder Cup golf, to sit in a conference room and advance your property knowledge. We salute you and your commitment to your property business!

Here are some testimonials from the event:

"Re: your presentation on Web 2.0: I feel as if I have had my head buried in the sand - withdrawn it fnding someone shining a 2000 volt torch in my eyes".
Nina Griffiths

"As always, a most empowering and englightening event which helps me focus on moving forwards. New faces and ideas. Vanessa, Nick, and Michelle are unique in their ethical approach to the property business. Integrity in this environment is rarer than you think. Thank you all for keeping me motivated!". Clara Von Horn

"A very interesting and different day.  Also surprisingly refreshing".  John McKay

"Thank you for another excellent meeting where we learned some things

we didn't know before!  You had some very nice people there and we did some very worthwhile

  Dennis and Hazel, Hampshire Property Meet

"Great networking and a productive use of my Sunday with like-minded people". Bobby Gill

"As ever, this event provides practical advice through the harnessing of knowledge, experienced property professionals, in one easily digestible session". Richard Francis

Thank you to Adam Powell of Csense Lettings for an inspiring presentation on how to permanently avoid a void! Adam wowed the audience with his in-depth knowledge of the lettings market and gave us all some new ideas and strategies to keep our properties rented throughout the challenging market conditions.

Our next networking event will be in October in Guildford. Date TBC. You can pre-register at registration@4wallsandaceiling.com

Remember - you can never learn less!

To your success!

Kind regards,


September 17, 2008

Final details for September's networking event / Video Blog

Dear Fellow Property Enthusiasts,

The countdown is on to our September property investment networking event, taking place in Milton Keynes this Sunday!. Just four days away now! It's never too late to register, so drop us an email at registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Below you will find full and final details of the event.

But before that, we have another video blog for you from sunny Cyprus. In this broadcast, Vanessa speaks about "hedging" your portfolio to spread risk.

Click here to watch the video in High Definition via Quicktime or watch below.

As you can see from the below picture, at least my hair did get to have a day off in Cyprus!

Another way to minimise your risk in property, is to increase your knowledge and contacts. We have found that one of the most effective ways to do this is through networking.

Here are the final details for our event this Sunday in Milton Keynes:

Venue:  Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes East
London Rd, Moulsoe, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire  MK16 0JA
Directions:  M1 - Junction 14
Click here - for the map
Parking: Free

Schedule and Agenda

11:30         Registration for event.                           
12:00         Nick Tadd and Vanessa Warwick:
                 "Welcome to 4 Walls and A Ceiling"   
                  Michelle McDines: "Welcome to   
                  Property Jedi".
                  Meet your fellow networkers -   

12:45          Networking   
13:15          Nick Tadd/Michelle McDines:
                  Meet the Experts
                  September Property Brief/market      

14:00          Breakout and Networking

14:45          Adam Powell:  Managing Director,   
                  Csense Lettings
                 "Identifying areas of key tenant         
                  demand and the type of properties that
                  fulfil that demand"

                  General questions and answers
                  about lettings               

15:45          Breakout and Networking

16:15          Michelle McDines/Vanessa Warwick
                 "Harnessing the power of Web 2.0
                  to benefit your property business"

16:45          Summary/announcements/feedback.

17:00          End of main event.

17.15          For those of you who would like to stay
                  on, there will be a short presentation   
                  about the benefits of investing in   
                  Southern Cyprus.

Remember that networking and education are vital components to your strategy to achieve success in investing. We are committed to providing you with the very latest property intelligence and strategies to help yourself move your property business forwards.

Bring business cards, a notebook, any questions you want answered, and an open mind!

We only charge a £10.00 entry fee to help towards the hire of the room. However, if you bring two other people with you, you get FREE admission.

We look forward to seeing you on this Sunday and assisting you to achieve your property goals.

Click here to watch the video in High Definition via Quicktime or watch below.

To register for the event, please email registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Remember, you can never learn less!

Just email registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

When you attend educational and networking events, you are investing in YOURSELF and YOUR future! What else are you doing this Sunday that could take you a step closer to achieving your goals?

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our passion for property with you and supporting you in realising YOUR dreams!

To your success!

Kind regards,

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