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January 13, 2009

Greetings from Cyprus...

Hi-all we're chillin' 

in Cyprus at the moment (click here to go to some pics).
We've just found out some fantastic news regarding Cyprus and the Larnaca area ... watch this space we will be doing a mail out very soon.

Mazatos sunset piq 500
... without fail I come home wanting to stay here, but then it's hardly suprising not only for the climate but for the business opportunities.

October 31, 2008

Welcome to Property 2.0 - Home and Away!

Dear fellow investor,

It's been a couple of weeks since my last broadcast, and things are changing so rapidly in the fast moving world of property investment at the moment, that we have to up-date our website on an almost daily basis!

Petrol prices coming down ... food prices coming down .... interest rates coming down (4.5% at the time of writing and will almost certainly drop further) ... so there are some tiny pinpricks of light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. But we still have a long way to go, here in the U.K., make no mistake. Stay tuned to www.4wallsandaceiling.com for all the latest news.

As you have no doubt realised, the world is entering a new era of property investing which means that those that want to survive these challenging times need to adapt their strategies to reflect the reality of what is happening i.e. prices falling, lack of financial products, lack of creative deal structuring etc. The old ways of investing in property are now defunct. At 4 Walls, we call this "Property 2.0" and it is the subject of today's broadcast.

When it comes to purchasing property, one of the fundamental issues that you need to be clear about is the "intrinsic value" of the property i.e. how much is it really worth? There is much talk in property, particularly in respect of NMD and BMV purchasing, of how to determine Open Market Value in the current market conditions. The reality is that it is almost unquantifiable and things are changing all the time. The latest RICS Housing Market Survey shows both a renewed deterioration in the net price balance and a further drop in the level of transactions.

Click here to read the full RICS Survey story.

So we would like to put forward the idea that the new way of determining market value (from an investor's point of view) is quite simply that the property is only worth whatever level of borrowing the achievable rent will support!

This in turn depends on mortgage product interest rates and rental stresses.

If a property pays its way with some net positive cash flow, then that will tell you if it is a good deal and you have paid a reasonable price. You need massive discounts to get anything to stack with present mortgage products. However, if you are being paid by the property every month, you won't be too concerned about house prices going up, down, or staying stagnant! Following this strategy is a far more business-like approach than hoping for a "get rich quick" pay-out from equity release. We all need to face up to the fact that there is not going to be any capital growth in the U.K. anytime soon and prices are probably going to drop further, before stabilising.

To explain this business model using the metaphor of an employee: if you had an employee on a salary of £30k but they brought in £40K net of new business, would you mind? No.

If you had an employee who was on salary was £100K, but they brought in £140K net in new business per annum, would you mind? No.

It's all just numbers, and thankfully numbers never lie.

Accurate rental comparables are now more important than OMV's in our humble opinion.

When mortgage products become more favourable, you will be sitting even more pretty.

We use a simple calculation to work out what borrowing the achievable rent will support. It goes like this:

Monthly rent x 12 divided by (product interest rate) divided by (product rental stress).

If your property has positive net cash flow from the rent, then it is a valid business proposition! In other words, if it funds its own mortgage and "running" costs, and pays you a few £££££'s above and beyond that, it is a viable deal. It's as simple as that.

You also need to put this in the context that the maximum LTV is now 75%, meaning that you are going to need to put in 25% deposits for the time being. In reality, this makes it easier to stack deals and achieve positive net cash flow.

Coming soon: 4walls TV.

As you know from our blogs, we have been spending a lot of time over in Cyprus of late, as we see far more opportunity over there in property than we do here at present. Cyprus is a wealthy island, the banks there never got involved in sub-prime lending, and lenders are cash rich. The economy and population is growing and it is the No. 1 tax haven in Europe! A very attractive package all round which will fuel business and investment.

According to the London Chambers of Commerce (who contacted us last week), Cyprus is the most popular re-location destination for businesses seeking a haven from the credit crunch! This year they have had 135,000 enquiries from individuals and businesses interested in relocating there! That tells us at 4 Walls that there is going to be a healthy demand for rental property in Cyprus in the future, in particular the Larnaca area, which is the international portal to the island, and its main business hub.

If you cannot make property investing work in the U.K., then it makes sense to look outside the U.K. Entry level deposits start from £6K in the Larnaca area of Cyprus for a one bed apartment which is significantly more affordable than anything you can find here in the U.K. Plus you have positive cash flow from holiday lets and a growing economy that will keep capital growth stable for the future.

While in Cyprus recently, we caught up with millionaire investor and international tax planning expert Jarl Moe to find out why he invests heavily in Cypriot property:

So all of the above is actually good news, but only for those investors who recognise that they need to change their strategy to reflect the current market conditions and limited availability of reasonable mortgage products. In the future, successful property investors will be those who adopt a business-like approach, build their portfolios on positive cash flow, recognise the value of education and networking, diversify their investments to minimise risk, and take a mid to long term view both here and abroad.

Welcome to Property 2.0!

Finally, we were interviewed on Love Property Radio last week. You can listen to our interview at www.loveproperty.org or on iTunes.

We currently have some Property 2.0-style cash-flow positive deals available in Poole, Dorset, Basingstoke, Hants, and in Larnaca, Cyprus. These hand-picked, limited, highly discounted deals are ones that we are investing in ourselves. We focus on quality houses in up-market areas as we believe these to be more recession-proof than cheaper areas of the U.K. If you would like further details, please get in touch.

To your continued success!

Kind regards,

Remember - you can never learn less!

P.s I have a very trustworthy collegue in ecademy that is running a seminar on how to build relationships with accountants, well worth the consideration - click here -

October 16, 2008

Mork calling Orsen, come in Orsen...

Greetings from sunny Cyprus… no intention to rub it in!

Image021_2 OK so where do we start, it would seem that whilst I have been here in Cyprus that the world has fallen apart (well that’s what the newspapers would have you believe).

Personally I think it’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong it’s a pain right now but when we get through all the turmoil the world will be a better place.

In my opinion the word recession is an anagram of “I can’t do what I was used to doing, therefore, I will be upset”. Recessions will only affect people that cannot see through them. It’s a bit like being 13 years old and getting “dumped” by your girl/boyfriend, at first your all forlorn and upset, then after a while you re-adjust and get on with life… the problem seems to disappear.

This “globalization” malarkey, lets talk about that. It would appear that it has been a problem. One country (US) causes a problem with sub-prime mortgages (What a farce that was, how can a lender lend money to someone who already admits that they will not pay them back!) and then the rest of the world suffers because they were sold “bad debt” in packages thus leading to the problem we all now face.

Some people and/or companies are having a great time at the moment and are “steaming” through “The Dip”. Take Tupperware for example, their shares are up by 40% this is a direct consequence of the financial mess the world is in… people are taking their lunch to work with them as opposed to “going down the shop”.

Quick announcement: - we have got a small get together this weekend at the Holiday Inn in Guildford. It’s going to be a small affair; I would like to invite you to come along.

Holiday Inn
Egerton rd

Click here to register.
Click here for the map.

As you know I seem to be spending a lot of time in Cyprus at the moment, there are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, I have houses and Flats out here, which need attention.

Secondly, Tax… we’ll leave it at that.

Lastly and I think this is a very compelling reason, there is so much more opportunity here (CYP) than there (UK).

I was reading a book the other day and it told me some very powerful stuff. The western world, as we know it, does not need anything (in commercial terms) we have everything we could possibly need… I don’t need a new mobile phone I want one, I don’t need a new pair of shoes I want them, I don’t need a new outfit I want it… the western world does not need anything, it just wants it. Now there is nothing wrong with this, if we did not want for anything then there would be no commerce and commerce as we all know drives the economy.

However, Cyprus is still in the “need” area not the “want” area and for a country that is at the start of it’s growth cycle that is powerful… hence opportunity.

For example: - The internet here (CYP) is still viewed as a toy, much like it was in the UK 10 years ago. We in the UK, whether we like it or not, rely on the Internet, over here they don’t know they need it… it’s still in it’s infancy much like commerce in general.

Remember Cyprus, as a PLC is not in debt, has cash reserves and a rosy future with the oil, double tax treaty with the UK etc (the double tax treaty brings in foreign money and business). It will never be a global power it’s too small for that, however, much like the Tupperware analogy I see opportunity in the global chaos.

So we have a country that is at the start of it's growth cycle, it's got no debt, it has money and it needs stuff.

Can you see where I'm going with this...?

Ok well I could harp on but seeing as though we’re having a get together this weekend I’ll leave my ramblings until then.

Stay positive and keep smiling.


P.S With ref the water shortage over here in Cyprus. Yes it is a problem, but do you really think they are going to sit around and not do anything?!?!

See below…

Image023_2 Image024_2

September 17, 2008

Final details for September's networking event / Video Blog

Dear Fellow Property Enthusiasts,

The countdown is on to our September property investment networking event, taking place in Milton Keynes this Sunday!. Just four days away now! It's never too late to register, so drop us an email at registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Below you will find full and final details of the event.

But before that, we have another video blog for you from sunny Cyprus. In this broadcast, Vanessa speaks about "hedging" your portfolio to spread risk.

Click here to watch the video in High Definition via Quicktime or watch below.

As you can see from the below picture, at least my hair did get to have a day off in Cyprus!

Another way to minimise your risk in property, is to increase your knowledge and contacts. We have found that one of the most effective ways to do this is through networking.

Here are the final details for our event this Sunday in Milton Keynes:

Venue:  Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes East
London Rd, Moulsoe, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire  MK16 0JA
Directions:  M1 - Junction 14
Click here - for the map
Parking: Free

Schedule and Agenda

11:30         Registration for event.                           
12:00         Nick Tadd and Vanessa Warwick:
                 "Welcome to 4 Walls and A Ceiling"   
                  Michelle McDines: "Welcome to   
                  Property Jedi".
                  Meet your fellow networkers -   

12:45          Networking   
13:15          Nick Tadd/Michelle McDines:
                  Meet the Experts
                  September Property Brief/market      

14:00          Breakout and Networking

14:45          Adam Powell:  Managing Director,   
                  Csense Lettings
                 "Identifying areas of key tenant         
                  demand and the type of properties that
                  fulfil that demand"

                  General questions and answers
                  about lettings               

15:45          Breakout and Networking

16:15          Michelle McDines/Vanessa Warwick
                 "Harnessing the power of Web 2.0
                  to benefit your property business"

16:45          Summary/announcements/feedback.

17:00          End of main event.

17.15          For those of you who would like to stay
                  on, there will be a short presentation   
                  about the benefits of investing in   
                  Southern Cyprus.

Remember that networking and education are vital components to your strategy to achieve success in investing. We are committed to providing you with the very latest property intelligence and strategies to help yourself move your property business forwards.

Bring business cards, a notebook, any questions you want answered, and an open mind!

We only charge a £10.00 entry fee to help towards the hire of the room. However, if you bring two other people with you, you get FREE admission.

We look forward to seeing you on this Sunday and assisting you to achieve your property goals.

Click here to watch the video in High Definition via Quicktime or watch below.

To register for the event, please email registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Remember, you can never learn less!

Just email registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

When you attend educational and networking events, you are investing in YOURSELF and YOUR future! What else are you doing this Sunday that could take you a step closer to achieving your goals?

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our passion for property with you and supporting you in realising YOUR dreams!

To your success!

Kind regards,

September 15, 2008

Video postcards from the Tax Haven of Cyprus...

Dear Fellow Investors...

Nick from 4 Walls here, a little sun-burned ....!

We've just got back from glorious Cyprus where the weather was an amazing 30 degrees and sunny every day!. We had a wonderful and fulfilling time over there and were lucky enough to take the opportunity to buy our dream "place in the sun", pictured below.

Click here to view more pictures of "Aqua Vista"

We've named the house "Aqua Vista". It's a contemporary 3 bedroom villa in the beautiful and tranquil village of Mazatos, near Larnaca and has stunning far reaching views of the azure Mediterranean. We can't wait to get back over to Cyprus and furnish it as we are looking forward to spending time there with family and friends and enjoying all that Cyprus has to offer.

In between relaxing by the pool and enjoying some traditional Cypriot hospitality, we managed to catch up with our good friend and international tax planning expert, Jarl Moe. With Cyprus being the No. 1 tax haven in Europe, it seemed the ideal opportunity to talk to Jarl about the benefits of international tax planning and asset protection. If you are serious and committed to being a successful property investor, you need to consider wealth/asset protection as well as wealth creation! In this exclusive interview, Jarl explains why ...

Click here to watch the video in High Definition via Quicktime

Due to our relationship with Jarl, we have been able to arrange a complimentary personal consultation with him for all 4walls clients. If you would be interested in finding out more please e-mail me at nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com.

We hope that you are enjoying our broadcasts from 4 Walls and a Ceiling, and getting value from them. We certainly enjoy doing them! Whilst it's great to watch us on video, you can also meet us in person. We believe that nothing beats a personal, face to face introduction, so we endeavour to meet as many of our subscribers as possible.

We would therefore also like to remind you that it is now "last call" to register for our property networking event in Milton Keynes on Sunday 21st September.  I will be there to answer any questions you might have on "offshore Tax strategies" and/or any property related questions.

I will also be doing a brief presentation on my findings in Cyprus this time around, up-to and including the satisfactory letting of our penthouse plus the latest aquisition.

In this video postcard from Cyprus, Vanessa gives the low down on the event and why you cannot afford to miss it!

To register for the event, please email registration@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Please rest assured that we will be sending out final details to all delegates on Wednesday.

Stay tuned for our next video broadcast in which Vanessa will be talking about risk management and how to "hedge" your portfolio to spread risk.

Remember, you can never learn less!

Click here - to register for the event.

When you attend educational and networking events, you are investing in yourself and your future!

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our passion for property with you and supporting you in realising YOUR dreams!

To your success!

Kind regards,

September 08, 2008

Greetings from sunny Cyprus...

Just thought I would drop you a quick line and say... damn it's hot!

Image003_27The picture on the left is "Soutsos" our favorite haunt in the Pervolia village just 20 minutes away from Larnaca.

Pervolia is one of the most beautiful and finished villages in Cyprus (in my opinion) this is where we (Vanessa) have decided to put our roots down.

Our Villa is now coming out of the ground and our Penthouse is getting a long term rent on it, netting us 400 euro's a month.

For those of you who are still considering purchasing in Cyprus, you still have time, however, you need to be "getting in" quick to make the best returns.

Anyway it's pool time now, I'll keep you informed of whats happening during the week.

See you soon



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August 29, 2008

Cyprus outperforming most other markets?

I came across the below news release courtesy of The Move Channel today, and thought I would buzz it out as it's a really positive note to end the week on, for those of us who have already invested in Cyprus. 

This news release confirms everything I have been saying for the past two years and also suggests that there's still a long way to go before Cyprus comes off the investor map.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors European Housing Review 2008 has described Cyprus as ‘a rare case of a country shrugging off the gloom.'

Experts have said that Cyprus is a solid bet for international investors as its price rises seem to be accelerating.

Reasons behind the booming property market include Cyprus double-taxation agreement with the UK, which entices numerous investors drawn by the tax advantages of not having to pay tax in both their home country and investment country.

Cyprus also has a legal system based on the British model, far less volatility than other emerging markets, a high standard of living, good medical facilities and a very low crime rate, sitting at just one sixth of the European average.

With an increasing ex-pat community of British retires and the upgrading of Larnaca and Paphos airports making travel easier, the future bodes well for Cyprus following it joining the Euro currency in 2008.

James Fleure of Buy Abroad said, "Cyprus is a perfect overseas destination for those looking to take advantage of owning a property abroad.

"This steady yet performing market is attractive to those who are looking to have all the benefits of owning abroad.

"Cyprus' is one of the safest markets around with a steady increase of up to 15 per cent per year on property.

"Emerging markets with dramatic price increases often fall far short on good solid infrastructures.

"Cyprus is a safe bet and with significant increases to property each year is still probably one of the best areas in the Mediterranean to invest in," Mr Fleure added.

In addition to the above comments, I personally believe that there will be a second tier of growth in Cyprus at the end of 2009 that coincides with the opening of the new airport terminal, and budget airlines scheduling more cheaper flights to the island.  Plus of course, in the longer term, there is the extraction of the oil that was recently discovered off the Southern Coast.  This will bring people, business, and wealth to the island and fuel the economy in years to come.

So the outlook for Cyprus continues to be very bright, both in the short and long term, which is always reassuring for investors.


This is me at Aphroditie's Temple.

I am heading off to Cyprus again myself in September and leading a group of investors around the island, educating them along the way.  If you would be interested in joining my guided tour, then please feel free to drop me an email at nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com.

I will also be doing a presentation about the benefits of investing in Southern Cyprus at my networking event on Sunday 21st September in Milton Keynes.  Please - click here - to register your seat.

Otherwise if you would like a complimentary copy of my e-book "making money while the sun shines" please e-mail me at nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com



Have a great weekend!

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June 13, 2008

What the FT had to say about Cyprus

Ftcover If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have been banging on about Cyprus for the past 18 months, promoting it as a top investment opportunity.  I myself have made a lot of money over there through my own investments.

It seems that the Financial Times agrees with me, albeit 18 months late!  However, better late than never.  What is really rewarding is that their article vindicates my own philosophy about investing in Cyprus.  That is:  location, quality, and a unique proposition are the criteria your investment must meet to enjoy the greatest returns.

The article suggests that the luxury end of the market  will prove to be the most profitable, so proximity to golf courses, spas, and leisure amenities are paramount.

To read the Financial Times article in full, please click here.

How many more great articles like this are you going to read before you get involved? Please e-mail me at nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com for more information on investing in Cyprus 

June 10, 2008

"firm upward course" for the Cypriot tourism industry.

4wallsandaceiling.com Newsletter

Nick says...

Having just come back from Cyprus you can see what they are driving at.

Owners of investment properties in Cyprus could find they enjoy better than expected rental income during the coming winter.

The Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (Acta), Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Ministry of Tourism have been working together to attract more visitors to the island, reports the Cyprus Mail.

Akis Kelepeshis, president of Acta, told the trade group's annual general meeting that there were already signs that those efforts were paying off and that 2008 would be the start of a "firm upward course" for the Cypriot tourism industry.

He added: "The efforts made this year for increasing numbers in the winter season 2008-09 appear to be bearing fruit."

The news, which could mean that owners of rental property in Cyprus enjoy good levels of occupancy during usually quiet months, comes just days after an increase in the number Britons booking holidays to the Mediterranean island was reported.

Travel website lastminute.com revealed that bookings for June breaks to Cyprus were up 32 per cent on the corresponding period in 2007.

new e-book

For a copy of our e-book about investing in Cyprus, please click here.

June 09, 2008



Dear Fellow Investor,

We've just returned from one of our most successful-ever viewing trips to Larnaca.  We had a number of valued clients join us over there for a few days to view our developments in the Larnaca area, including sites at Pervolia (where we have our penthouse), Kiti, Pyla, and Mazatos. Our clients were able to see with their own eyes all the economic drivers that are fuelling the country (and their investment). 

"Thanks for being such wonderful hosts.  I had a ball and learnt so much.  I am really happy with my investment". - Joy Webber, South London

   cyprus road trip

Cyprus road trip group photo June 2008

First of all, the flight over there was full to bursting - always a good sign!  On arrival, we were greeted by perfect holiday weather of 30 degrees with a light breeze.  While we collected our luggage, it was interesting to note that the Arrivals Board showed flights arriving from places as diverse as Manchester, Prague, Jeddah, Bahrain, Paris, etc.  For centuries, Cyprus has been a melting-pot of cultures, and this tradition is clearly continuing as the island becomes a major holiday destination for many different nationalities!   The number of different languages being spoken in the Arrivals Hall was something akin to the Tower of Babel! 

New motorways whisked us to our delightful hotel in Pervolia.  On the way, we were able to see that the new international airport terminal is well under way with its construction, consolidating Larnaca's position as the main gateway onto the island.  The Cypriot government has a strategic tourism plan in place, to grow tourism over the next few years.  This includes increasing traffic through the airport from 2 million to 9 million, and the facilities to handle this increase in people are currently being built.  You may also have seen the "Love Cyprus" advertising campaign which is currently running on T.V. here in the U.K.  (www.visitcyprus.com). The Cypriot government have just commissioned the international Cypriot tennis player, Marcus Bhagdatis, to act as the "face" of Cyprus to increase awareness of the island as a holiday destination.  Marcus will be fronting a number of new advertisements and campaigns.

At our hotel, we happened to meet a chap who works for Total Oil.  He (along with a number of colleagues) has been brought in to supervise getting the infrastructure in place to start getting the oil out.  He told us that the oil reserves are sizeable and that many people are being brought to the island to help work on the project.  They are either buying or renting apartments.  The Scandinavian oil company, ProSafe, has already moved its headquarters to Larnaca, and brought 1300 staff with it.  There is a severe shortage of QUALITY accommodation in the Larnaca area, which has always been Cyprus' business hub, but is now been up-graded to a holiday resort area.  This is fantastic news for those of us who have invested there, as the proximity to the airport always increases occupancy, both for corporate lets and holiday lets - of which you have the option of both in Larnaca.

Over the next few days, we took our clients around the area to see our developments. Entry level into Cyprus starts from as little as £6K, which you won't find here in the U.K.  With 30% capital growth predicted, this is SERIOUS leverage of a small amount of money!

We showed our clients the site of the new David Lloyd Olympic Village, the new 5 star Grove Star Spa Resort (both at Mazatos), the site of the new mini-Marina at Pervolia, and the new coast road linking Larnaca, Pervolia, and Mazatos.  All this development subscribes to the golden rule of I.C.I - investment, communication, and infrastructure!  These are the vital ingredients that fuel any investment and if you adhere to them, you minimise your risk and reduce speculative elements.

As far as we are concerned, Cyprus (the Larnaca area particularly) ticks all the investment boxes and we have been promoting it as an investment destination for the past eighteen months and investing heavily there ourselves.  Many people tried to question our judgement and say that Cyprus wasn't anything special.

It was therefore particularly interesting to note on our return, that one of the U.K.'s most high profile property investors and marketeers, Andy Shaw, has just send out a broadcast stating that he now considers Cyprus to be "the Holy Grail of international property investment"!   Andy has a database of thousands of investors and now he is promoting Cyprus to them, the secret is out!  Cyprus was also just on the front cover of "A Place In The Sun" magazine, so you can't get more mainstream than that.  However, we at 4 Walls and a Ceiling, recognised the benefits of Cyprus over 18 months ago!!  What's more, we identified "where" in Cyprus - Larnaca - and we have been proved correct in this, as Larnaca has enjoyed the most significant gains.

When somebody says "invest in Cyprus" - you should ask "where in Cyprus?". If they give you a town, ask "where in that town?".  If they give a development, ask "why that development?".

Do not be sold on just a development alone.  You need to be convinced on why that development, why that town, and why that area.

If you want to know the difference between investing in Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Parallimni, Protaras, Aiya Napa etc. then speak to us at 4 Walls and A Ceiling and we will break down the pros and cons of all these places, as we have been involved in Cyprus for a number of years and have the experience to do this.

Whilst it's great that Andy Shaw has acknowledged Cyprus, albeit a couple of years late, he's not the only one.  The sports entrepreneur, David Lloyd, is also investing heavily on the island, building the David Lloyd Olympic Village - a major sports training facility for athletes that will operate year-round thanks to Cyprus' 340 days of sunshine per year. Meanwhile, Harvard University has identified Cyprus as a centre of educational excellence, and is investing in new educational faculties there.  This is creating awareness in the lucrative American market and there is talk of direct flights to Cyprus from the U.S.

If you would be interested in having a free, no obligation personal telephone consultation with our very own tame Cypriot property expert, Nick Tadd (as seen on the BBC 2 programme "The Truth About Property"), then please email nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com.

Please note:  we do not employ any "hard sell" tactics.  We don't need to. Cyprus speaks for itself.  If you see that, you will want to get involved.  If you don't, you won't.  Simple as that.

Meanwhile, on the home front, we are still being bombarded with so-called "no money down" deals.  Indeed, one famous property marketeer is inciting 100 investors to pay £350.00 each to obtain the latest "no money down" deal structure.  That's a cool £35,000 to him!  However, the proof will be in the pudding whether these unsuspecting people will actually be able to bring to fruition what he tells them.  We're pretty certain that most of these deal structures, because they are so flawed, rarely amount to anything - but the people promoting them make a lot of money along the way, even though you don't.

For novice investors in particular, it is very confusing as one person is saying they can do "no money down", and we are telling them otherwise.  At the end of the day, you must decide who to trust.

Since April 2008, it is our opinion that there are now no legitimate ways to do "no money down" deals here in the U.K. with the current mortgage products, and taking into account Council of Mortgage Lenders and Law Society Guidelines.

To this end, we have joined forces with our friends at Property Traders to bring you the truth about "no money down" deals and to bring into sharp focus the dangers of doing them, not only from a legal standpoint, but also from a tax perspective; something that is always overlooked by novice investors.

This is an unbiased, independent report exposing the serious tax and legal implications of doing deals in this format and it will answer all your questions about whether you should be entertaining these deal structures.  There are issues here which no one else will tell you and YOU NEED TO KNOW THEM.  There is no need to be confused any longer.

For further information, or to purchase your report for £29.99, please click here:

3d tax book

We at 4 Walls and A Ceiling have a deserved reputation for always giving you the best possible advice and property intelligence.  As you can see from above, we started promoting Cyprus 18 months before Andy Shaw. Our investors will subsequently have made far more significant gains, as they started earlier.

Unlike most other companies, we have been warning our clients of the dangers of doing "no money down" deals for several months now.  Yet people still believe it when someone tells them that they have found a way to fudge the system.   No doubt, you will be asked to use their solicitor and broker.  Ask yourself "why"? If the deal is legitimate, you should be able to use any broker and solicitor you choose, as transparency is a pre-requisite of any legitimate property transaction.

The bottom line is ... if you are not disclosing the incentive and/or discount to the lender, it is tantamount to mortgage fraud.

Our report dissects all these latest "no money down" systems and exposes their flaws and also flags up the legal and tax implications.  If you are found to have done one of these fraudulent transactions, you can end up with a prison sentence and owing the Taxman thousands of ££££££'s.

Before entertaining doing one of these deals, you need to read our report.

For further details click here

It's worth noting that many of these deal structures require two sets of solicitors, exhorbitant bridging fees, etc.  That is most certainly NOT "no money down".

If you read our report, you will be convinced that it is now not possible to do it here in the U.K. - NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE MAY TELL YOU.

You can buy our report for £29.99 at the following link: please click here

the truth

Please do not waste your money on reservation fees, valuations, solicitors fees etc. This report will explain why and tell you the legal and tax implications of what you are contemplating doing.  The entity trying to sell you a "no money down" deal will never tell you these facts or be able to answer your questions about them.

However, if you are going to do one of these questionable deal structures, please at least be aware of the legal and tax implications and make provision for them.  In property, if something goes wrong, it is YOU that carries the can as you signed the mortgage agreement. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, to summarise, Cyprus is currently looking a lot more attractive as an investment destination than the U.K.  With big guns like Andy Shaw promoting it, you need to get going quickly before too many people get wind of it.  The biggest gains are made whilst it's a "best kept secret".  Now Andy Shaw has dubbed it the "holy grail" of international investments, the secret is well and truly out and every man and his dog will be investing over there, which again will fuel the market, as demand increases.

If you would be interested in having a free, no obligation personal telephone consultation with our very own tame Cypriot property expert, Nick Tadd (as seen on the BBC 2 programme "The Truth About Property"), then please email nick.tadd@4wallsandaceiling.com. 

Please note:  we do not employ any "hard sell" tactics.  We don't need to. Cyprus speaks for itself.  If you see that, you will want to get involved.  If you don't, you won't.  Simple as that.

We offer viewing trips from £149.00 per person.  Unlike other companies, who will tell you that you do not need to go and see your investment as "it is just a grey box that makes you money", we do not advocate that you buy any investment unseen.  We actively encourage you to go and see your prospective property.  After all, when you buy a new car, you test drive several different models.  When you buy a mobile phone, you check out several different types.  When you buy a new pair of shoes, you try on several different pairs.  Therefore, when you make a property investment (where there is a lot more money involved), we encourage you to understand it from every angle.  It could be financial ruin not to!!  So, if Cyprus sounds of interest to you, get in touch with us, and get yourself over there as soon as possible to see it with your own eyes and get an understanding of what the island has to offer your prospective tenants/clients.  You can buy property by science and maths, but there is also an emotive element that should be considered.    After all, if you would not want to rent/live/holiday there, then probably other people might feel the same! 

With its spectacular scenery and enviable climate, it's no wonder that Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, chose Cyprus as her playground in ancient times.  Since then, mere mortals have been discovering this 'land fit for Gods' for themselves!.  Maybe it's your turn now!

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